If you're a RapidWeaver user and you use Foundation or Foundry as your framework of choice, you're probably looking for an easy way to integrate a blog. 

The standard RapidWeaver blog plugin doesn't work with Foundation or Foundry because it's a plugin. Foundation or Foundry are built with stacks.

The solution? Poster by Instacks Software.

Poster (€29.95) is a set of stacks that you can insert on any stacks page.

Poster includes everything you need to build a great looking blog.

The main Poster stack has to be inserted onto your stacks page. Then you add a Poster item (blog post). You can decide if you want the full post to appear on the main blog page or just include a summary with the full content only visible when a user clicks on the post title. Adding summary content is done by simply clicking a checkbox.

Let's look at the main features

  • No CMS needed.
  • Control the look and feel of Poster Items.
  • One or multiple column layout.
  • Add images to posts - Adding an image to the top of a post is easy, but if you want to add an image in the middle of a post, you simply add an image between two or more Poster Text stacks.
  • Add social sharing to individual posts.
  • Add Disqus comments to individual posts - Disqus is built in so no extra stacks are needed. You just need to enable Disqus comments in the Poster Item settings and enter your Disqus username in the main Poster Stack settings. 
  • Assign posts to up to five categories and tags.
  • Insert an image gallery.
  • Control header and text styling.

Is the perfect solution for your RapidWeaver blog?

It is if you're using Foundation or Foundry and you don't need to add or edit blog posts outside of RapidWeaver.

If you use a theme, then you might be happy with the standard RapidWeaver theme's blog plugin.

In the future, Instacks Software plans to add 

  • RSS feed
  • Social media metadata tags
  • Search
  • Additional layouts

So head over to Instacks Software and get yourself the Poster stack.