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Poster - Blog Stack for RapidWeaver

If you're a RapidWeaver user and you use Foundry or Foundation as your framework of choice, you're probably looking for an easy of integrating a blog.
The standard RapidWeaver blog plugin doesn't work with Foundry or Foundation because it's a plugin.

The Biggest WordPress Mistakes People Make

When people start a WordPress website or blog, they generally don’t have a lot of information about the best way to begin. Most people start off on their own or listen to bad advice from “WordPress experts” or a friend who has a website and thinks that qualifies them to give you advice.

Fake Microsoft Phone Call Scam

If you’ve been scammed by this kind of fake call, read on and I might have the solution for you.
If you haven’t fallen victim to these shitty scammers yet, read on to see how to avoid becoming a victim.