What My Clients Say

Over the last couple of weeks, Neil Egginton has been working with me to rebuild my website with a new theme and a new lease of life. Not only is it a new sleek look that is user friendly and highly responsive, but with Neil’s support and advice we have managed to create a website that is far more fit for the purpose and engaging for my visitors. Neil takes a very sensible and pragmatic approach to design where features are intended to deliver maximum benefit for the user and myself and nothing less. Neil has been able to provide plenty of advice to me on how best to construct the site based on his personal experience with blogging, growing a reader base etc over many years and this has been very reassuring. It has been a pleasure working with Neil and I look forward to our ongoing relationship and his support. I thoroughly recommend Neil to you. If you want to see his work in action, then please check out my website.Peter McKelvie (http://petermckelvie.com/)
Neil Egginton has provided an excellent service in updating my website. He’s answered all my questions very promptly and explained exactly what I needed to know, in good, clear layman’s terms. He’s given my website a fresh, new look and ensured that it has remained up-to-date, and most importantly that the search engines can find it quickly and easily. All-in-all I’m delighted with what he has done and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.Anthony Adolph (https://anthonyadolph.co.uk/)
Building a website is a journey, not a destination. It’s a fluid, growing project, that needs to be maintained to keep it fresh and high-ranking. Neil is definitely the best co-pilot you could want on your journey! He will complement your vision with his own extensive technical knowledge, which is second-to-none, and stems from his love of working on websites. Always aware of new issues and developments, Neil is friendly, professional, and a great communicator. He gets things done quickly and efficiently. Having Neil to help me with my websites has made all the difference to my business, and I am so delighted with the results.Vanessa Villalobos (http://www.japaneselondon.com/)
My site, business card style, was created and built in November 2016 by Neil Egginton. The site became very informative, clear and simple to read and use. All my wishes were properly accounted for and were discussed during the process of work on the site. I'm very happy with the result. I'm going to recommend this talented site builder to my friends.Kseniya Tuzova (https://kseniyatuzova.ru/)